Rich functionality

Code automatically prompts

Multi-theme: Choose your favorite programming style

Custom Font: for use at scene

Multi cursor editing, block editing online programming experience comparable to the sublime

Block folding, expand; wrap

Support for multiple tabs, drag the switching sequence;

Maintaining multiple documents, find and replace; History;

Auto-complete [], {}, (), '' ''

Online real-time preview that allows you to fall in love with online programming!

zendcodeing support, write code eighty

More features waiting for your discovery ......

150 kinds of code highlighting

Tip: html, JavaScript, css, less, sass, scss

web development: php, perl, python, ruby, elang, go ...

Traditional languages: java, c, c ++, c #, actionScript, VBScript ...

Other: markdown, shell, sql, lua, xml, yaml ...

Shortcut Action

 Commonly used shortcuts: 
 ctrl + s to save 
 ctrl + a select all ctrl + x Cut 
 ctrl + c ctrl + v paste copy 
 ctrl + z Undo Undo Anti ctrl + y 
 ctrl + f to find replacement ctrl + f + f 
 win + alt + 0 collapse all win + alt + shift + 0 Expand All 
 esc [Exit search canceled automatically prompts ...] 
 ctrl-shift-s Preview 
 ctrl-shift-e show & Close function 
 Mouse marquee - drag 
 shift + home / end / up / left / down / right 
 shift + pageUp / PageDown flip up and down to select 
 ctrl + shift + home / end of the current cursor to the beginning and end 
 alt + mouse to drag the block selection 
 ctrl + alt + g batch select and enter the current multi-tab editor 
 home / end / up / left / down / right 
 ctrl + home / end move the cursor to the document head / tail 
 ctrl + p Jump to matching tag 
 pageUp / PageDown cursor up and down 
 alt + left / right cursor to move to the top of the line 
 shift + left / right cursor to the end of the line & 
 ctrl + l to jump to a specific row 
 ctrl + alt + the up / down (below) increase the cursor 
 ctrl + / Comment & uncomment ctrl + alt + a Justified 
 table tab alignment shift + table overall advancement table 
 delete delete delete the entire line ctrl + d 
 ctrl + delete to delete the row on the right word 
 ctrl / shift + backspace to delete the word on the left 
 alt + shift + up / down and added to the copy line (below) plane 
 alt + delete to delete the contents of the right of the cursor 
 alt + up / down on the current line and the line (next line exchange) 
 ctrl + shift + d rows copied and added to the following 
 ctrl + delete to delete the right of the word 
 ctrl + shift + u converted to lowercase 
 ctrl + u selected text to uppercase