File Management

File Selection: radio, mouse marquee, shift-election, ctrl chosen at random, the keyboard up and down, home, end selection.

File operation: After selecting a file, you can copy, cut, delete, view the properties of compression, rename, open Preview and other operations ......

File Upload: Upload multiple files batch; html5 drag upload (drag to seamlessly upload window, drag and drop support for folders)

Right function: Right-file, folder, right, more right after the election operation, desktop, right, right directory tree, right-bound menu shortcuts
(Select All - Copy - Cut - Paste - Delete - Rename, set ......)

File Browser: List mode, icon mode; double-click into sub-folders; address bar operation; open a folder record contrarian record (forward and backward)

Support drag and drop: Check drag, cut to achieve the specified folder function

Shortcut keys: delete delete, ctrl + A Select All, ctrl + C to copy, + X Cut, file search (search content) ctrl

File Preview

File Preview: view the contents of a text file editing and saving; html, swf file preview,

Image Preview: automatic generation of thumbnails, image slide show;

Audio playback: play online music and video files; support mp3, wma, mid, aac, wav; mp4,

Video: online video playback, supported formats: flv, f4v, 3gp

office: office Online Preview, supported formats: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx

hot key

enter Open

ctrl + a select all

ctrl + c to copy the selected

ctrl + v to paste

ctrl + x Cut

ctrl + f to search the current directory

alt + n New File

alt + m New Folder

delete Delete selected

backspace Back

ctrl + backspace forward

f2 Rename selected (folder)

home / end / up / down / left / right to select the file

anykey Check to press the first letter of the character files & folders selected automatic cycle